Stanislaus AV is an experienced,  professional, full-service provider, and integrator of audiovisual, sound, video, audio, & video conference systems. Stanislaus AV provides a comprehensive array of products and services to a broad spectrum of the marketplace. As an authorized dealer for many major brands of electronic equipment, we can design, configure, install, and support virtually any kind of presentation system. 

We offer complete systems for:

  • boardrooms
  • conference rooms
  • classrooms
  • cable, satellite, & television distribution
  • background music & paging
  • security cameras, monitors, & recording devices
  • video & audio playback
  • recording & monitoring
  • projection equipment
  • projection screens
  • video conference equipment
  • assistive listening for ADA compliance
  • electronic control systems
  • autonomous sound for all types of venues
  • mass notification solutions


Our professional services include: needs analysis, design, assembly, installation, programming, maintenance, testing, commissioning, training, detailed documentation, and after sale support. We have a more than 40 year history of highly satisfied customers.


For over 40 years, Stanislaus AV has been providing Sound, Video, Projection, Conferencing, Signal processing, and Media control equipment and complete, ready-to-use systems to Government, Business, Industry, Education, Religious, and Non-profit organizations. Stanislaus AV can design, build, install, support, or provide equipment for virtually any kind of audio video system. 


In the current marketplace, it seems that nearly every purchasing decision is driven by price. While that is an important consideration, we would like to suggest you consider three other factors. First, a quality installation makes your company look better. Having served the Northern California market for over forty years, Stanislaus AV has a proven reputation for quality work. Our technicians and installers are trained, knowledgeable, and experienced. Second, an experienced installer will get the job done quickly and without the need for "change orders". Doing the job right the first time saves money, headache, and creates a much higher level of customer satisfaction. Third, and seldom considered, is the very real cost associated with "call-backs", "re-dos", or "non-responsive" companies. Stanislaus AV has always provided a one (1) year labor & material warranty on installations and is well-known for its "after the sale" customer service and support.